EQ Brands

EQ Brands Project

EQ Brands Project

EQ Brands is a project that is created to help organizations and leaders to explore and promote their corporate culture – the emotional essence and core purpose of the business.

With EQ Brands there is a way to engage employees to exceed customer expectations with outstanding, attentive, and personalized service – through tailored training activities and enlightening the human nature of any organization.

EQ Brands provides short and long-term corporate training programs that aim to align Employer, Consumer, and Corporate Brand communication. Every EQ Brands’ form of learning is designed to support leaders and team members in transforming the communication within the organization aiming for shared values, honestly presented to the customers and partners.

EQ Brands project is a result of personal and professional experience based on:

  • 20 and more years of close collaboration with different organizational structures (by type, form, and management styles),
  • working with thousands of people, in many teams, with a different type of leaders,
  • monitoring and analyzing good and bad practices related to people management, brand communication, and customer service,
  • a constant passion for learning, marketing, and innovation.